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Consona Search vs. Enterprise Search Appliances

I am frequently asked about our search technology in Consona Knowledge Management and how it is differentiated from other competing products or categories of products in the market. Lately, in particular I’ve been asked to distinguish between our search and the search found in enterprise search appliances.  I used to try and explain intricate nuances of search algorithms and highlight some of the most differentiating protected intellectual property that we hold.  But this actually has had relatively less success then using contextual examples to explain the difference.

My latest attempts are to explain that Internet search and enterprise search are designed to find an answer to the question rather than the answer to the question.  Relatively simple concept with a lot of technological differences to the implementation of search technology.  What I am trying to imply is that that the two categories of search have a completely different goal, so their composition is completely different. 
Consider the example of an online car shopping experience. I could go to a search engine and type “BMW Z4 2011 Black.” I’ll receive a response including everything on the web that refers to that make, model, color and year including a car show site, YouTube videos, car deal